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Outdoor Solar Light

The solar garden lights do not require any wires or any electrical plugs. There is a large range of solar lights for the outdoor use. Many kinds of decoration that can blend and add to the garden style, motive and for the functional use.

Just to name few of the solar garden lights options:

  • Solar house address light is a solar powered address light sign that can be wrapped with almost any decorative style you wish. During the sunlight hours the battery is charged and automatically turns on the light at night.

  • Solar Centurion Security Lights - Solar powered outdoors lights with motion sensor that whenever the motion sensor detects a movement the lights are turned on. Usually the brightness of the lights will be between 400 to 600 lumen halogen and the motion sensor is a passive infra red detector. The solar security light kit includes solar panel, light, rechargeable battery, cable between the solar panel and battery to enable flexibility of placing the solar panel in the right place and mounting gear to install the solar light kit.

  • Solar garden lights vary one from another in their style and design but in most of the cases will include built in solar panels and a rechargeable battery so they just have to be placed in a sunny area during the day and will automatically will turn on when it is dark.

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