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Solar Garden Fountains

Solar garden fountains are popular, especially lately, for several good reasons, Iíll just mention few of them. Solar powered fountain uses the sun as its electric power so it costs nothing to operate. They are environment friendly appliances, firstly because the solar water fountains use the sun as their source of power which is a non polluting and renewable energy source and secondly because they circulate the water and reduce the probability of having bacteria and mosquitoes in standing water.

When checking if a certain garden is suitable for solar powered water fountain, there are two aspects that will determine if a garden is suitable. The first aspect is pretty obvious, the weather conditions and level of sun exposure. If the garden is not exposed directly to the sun, it makes it very difficult to be powered with solar panels. Solar powered garden fountain works best when it receives lot of sunlight. The other aspect is the landscaping of the garden, particularly surrounding the solar water fountain. A wall, a tree or whatever object is located around the solar fountain that can block the direct sunlight has an impact which will cause it not to work in its full potential.

Additional aspect of solar powered garden fountain is its easy usability. Let me explain, solar water fountains do not mess up the garden in the sense of it does not requires any plumbing infrastructure since it is a stand alone closed system in regards of both water source and power (electricity) source to operate the water pump. Again, since it gets its power from the sun by harnessing sunlight through its solar panels and converting it to electricity, no wires are required to be set-up in an inconvenient way to connect to your utility outlet. This is a major point since you do not need any plumber or electrician assistance when you use solar powered garden water fountain.

It is possible to use separate solar panels and place them in a location that receive lots of sunlight and to place the water fountain in a place that gets less sun exposure but then a cord between the solar panels and the water pump is necessary.

To sums things up I would say that solar garden fountains bring a lot of character to a garden and create a relaxing atmosphere which makes the garden great place to spend time in. As you know that water is a basic source of life and because of that it makes the garden a living garden whether it is solar fountain bird baths or other styles of solar water fountains you will feel it has it own soul. When doing the total calculation of saving in electricity usage, plumbing and electricity set-ups, it is definitely worth the initial cost of the solar option. With all the models and sizes that exist, every garden has its cost-effective solar garden fountain.

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