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Solar Powered Pool Robot Cleaner Solar-Breeze

Solar Powered Swimming Pool Cleaner Robot - Solar Breeze
The intelligent solar powered pool robotic skimmer is the first of its kind (US Patent # 7,101,475). The solar-breeze is an intelligent robot which is programmed to perform several actions. Solar power is its energy source. It has internal storage batteries that are charged by the photovoltaic solar panels it has on its surface. The Solar-Breeze also contains a swimming pool chemical dispenser.

Solar is the only source of power for the solar-breeze. Its internal storage batteries are charged by direct sunlight. Due to the fact its only source of energy is solar power, there are no energy (electricity) usage costs.

The solar breeze eliminates the need of swimming pool pumps therefore it saves the electricity costs which are 66% of total maintenance costs. Another saving with solar-breeze is that the chlorine costs are being reduced by 33% due to the fact that the solar breeze keeps the swimming pool clean.

It is very simple to operate the solar breeze robot, actually, most of the operation are done by the robot itself. Anyway, all there is to do:

  • Insert the chlorine tablets to the dispenser container
  • Insert the filter basket
  • Place the solar powered swimming pool cleaning robot in the water
  • Turn on the switch
The chemical dispenser has a special container that is pulled out like a draw in order to place the chlorine tablets easily. The filter basket is inserted easily, again like a draw, to the bottom part of the swimming pool solar powered robot. In order to assist maneuvering around over obstacles, it has front bumper-wheels. When there is a stubborn obstacle the front paddlewheel reverse itself in order to back away and overcome it. It has no problem with shallow water because of its shallow draft structure.

The Solar-Breeze has compact measurements 23" x 20" x 6". It is sure a refreshing and useful environment friendly product to whoever has a private swimming pool. It seems that the solar-breeze solar powered swimming pool robot cleaner has a good return on investment ratio since it saves major part of its alternatives' operation costs.

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