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Solar Water Heating

What is solar water heating?

Solar water heating system is the most popular form used of solar energy. Solar water heating system uses the energy released from the sun to heat the water. The energy from the sun is free and it is just a matter of collecting, storing and diverting this energy for our needs. The solar energy is collected by solar panels. The solar panels are connected by pipes to a storage device, the hot water container. Solar water heating systems are suitable for use to homes, swimming pools, RVs etc'.

Benefits of solar water heating system

  • Reducing significantly the amount of energy bills.

  • Solar water heating system has long lifespan.

  • Low maintenance the usual activity will be to clean the solar panels in order to enable maximum efficiency.

  • Reducing significantly the environment pollution and greenhouse gas emission.

  • Adding value to your property.

What is the impact of seasons on solar water heating efficiency?

Seasons and weather has an impact on the amount of energy collected. So the local climate plays a major role of the efficiency of a water heating solar system. That said, many solar panels work even without a direct sunlight so the system can assist warming the water even in the winter, probably a water heater boiler will be needed to complete your hot water needs but in the autumn, spring and summer the efficiency of the solar system increases significantly and most likely will provide all your water heating needs.

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