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Solar Energy Useful Websites

  • DOE EERE - The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solar Energy Technologies program.

  • CirKits - Electronic circuit board kits for solar power applications.

  • http://peswiki.com/energy/Directory:Solar - PESWiki Solar Directory - Publicly editable site features innovations, companies, products.

  • Solar power related aricles - Solar energy articles at AlternativeEnergyBase.com a renewable energy article directory.

  • Solar Power Products (8) - Useful home solar powered products.

  • Discover Solar Energy - Helpful portal to relevant renewable energy websites of individuals, governments and organizations. The links are cross-referenced to help homeowners, engineers, hobbyists, teachers and students find quick answers to issues relating to alternative energy..

  • Thoughts on Global Warming - Global warming, alternative energy and green tech news and analysis, with special green reports.

  • San Francisco’s Solar Energy Incentive Program - Keep up to date on the Solar Power Incentive Program from the San Francisco Public Utilties Commission.

  • Solar powered lights - Source for solar powered landscape lighting and more.

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