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The solar panels are the main components in any solar power system.In order to choose the most suitable home solar power panels for your needs, several checks should be performed.

The size of the solar panels system will be decided upon the required daily amount of energy consumed and the availability of energy in a specific location. The units of measure of evaluation the amount of power will be in kilo watts per hour or per day.
The efficiency of the home solar power system impacted by the number of hours of sunlight in each day so the weather of the specific location takes a significant role.

Solar power system components

  • Solar panel is the collector of the sun energy.
  • The collector mount is the frame or the stand that the solar panels sit on.
  • Inverter is used to convert the DC voltage power to the AC voltage power (usually from 12 volt DC to 110 volt AC).
  • Fuse box also known as circuit breaker. This component role is to transfer the electric power from the solar panels to the batteries and the electricity outlets.
  • Battery to hold the energy collected during sunlight hours for later energy use.
  • Charge controller is to prevent overcharging and undercharging of the batteries. Overcharging or undercharging the battery reduce significantly the life span of the battery.
It is not necessarily that the most suitable solar power system for you is a complete residential solar panels system BUT it is most likely that having at least part of your electricity needs provided by solar energy is more cost effective for you than having all energy power by your local electricity provider.

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