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Portable Solar Powered Generator

Portable solar powered generator is a standalone system that does not need to be connected to the house wiring or vehicle wiring. A portable solar generator is an electric production and storage unit that generates its own electricity, harnessing the sunrays by solar panels and stores the electricity in batteries for use when required.

The electricity is stored in a form of 12V DC. When standard household appliances are plugged in then the portable solar generator converts the electricity current to 110V AC.

The major features to consider when choosing the suitable portable solar powered generator for your needs are divided to three categories cost, power features and portability.

  • Solar Generator Cost Range Typical portable solar generator can have a price range of $400 to $2000.
  • Solar Generator Power features It is important to know if the system provide AC and DC power, the inverter size, battery run time, battery recharge time, system expansion possibilities like additional solar panels and additional batteries, how simple is to use the generator and how easy is the solar generator set-up.
  • Solar Generator Portability The weight, the size and the number of components included in the generator, is it movable?, does the generator have wheels?
Portable solar powered generators are very convenient for many uses like boating, RV-ing, car camping, outdoor activities, off grid houses or any other electrical energy required in remote location. Cellular phones, laptops, lights, pumps and more, just to name few of the many appliances that can be run by portable solar powered generator.

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