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Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heater has competitive cost when it is compared to the alternative heaters for swimming pools in the market. Now, not only the initial cost is in the budget but its maintenance expenses and usage costs are much lower than the alternatives. Swimming pool solar heater is efficient and is the preferred option in the majority of climate types for several reasons including costs.

A common solar powered swimming pool heating system includes the following components:

  • Solar collector
  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Flow control valve
The swimming pool water is circulated through the solar collector and this way they are heated by the sun. The pump is responsible to flow the water through the system's components. Any debris is filtered before it reaches the pump. The flow control valve can be either manual or automatic and it diverts the pool water through the solar collector. Not every solar pool heating system has a temperature sensor but it is highly recommended to have one since it triggers the flow control valve whether to bypass the solar collector when the water temperature is as required or to run the pool water through the solar collector in order to heat the pool water.

There are different types of solar pool collectors. They differ one from another by the material they are made of. Different climates and when you are going to use the solar collectors are the main factors to decide which type fits your needs. The main groups of solar collectors are glazed and unglazed. Unglazed collectors are usually less expensive and suit using when temperature is higher than freezing temperature.

What to consider before you buy a solar pool heater

Before buying and installing solar pool heater you have to evaluate the solar resources available in the location you intend to install the solar pool heater. Then you have to know what size of a system is required for your needs. You have to check the efficiency of the proposed solar heating system. Obviously, you have to compare costs of both the solar pool heating system and the installation.

How to choose solar pool heater installation contractor

It is better to have the system being installed by professionals for several reasons like safety, positioning of the solar collectors to achieve maximum efficiency and local code building requirements.

When you choose installation contractor make sure that the solar pool heater installer has sufficient experience in installing solar pool heating system and even experience installing the specific system that you have purchased. In some states it is required that the contractor will be certified or licensed to install solar pool heating systems, so you have to check if this is the case for you.

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