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Solar Roof Shingles

Solar Roof Shingles

Solar shingles are great proof that the solar energy market is growing very fast and that solar power is a viable source of energy that will have a much larger portion in the energy industry from now on.

Solar powered shingles look like regular shingles but they have thin film photovoltaic (PV) cells in them. It means that the thin film solar shingles can harness the sun light and produce electricity. Solar shingles are very powerful because of two major reasons. First is their design that enables the shingles to absorb more sunlight than other solar panels what increase the solar cells effectiveness. Second is the surface of the entire roof as opposed in many other cases that only part of the roof is covered with solar panels.

During the day the solar roof shingles absorb tremendous amount of heat therefore it is common to have ventilated plywood for under decking. The solar roofing shingles partially overlap each other just like standard roof shingles to provide full and constant coverage.

The solar roof shingles are glued together by a heat-activated EVA. This prevents them from any unwanted shifting or movement even when the weather is windy. All the wiring from the solar photovoltaic shingles is done through the deck and from there to the solar inverter.

The Average lifespan of the solar shingles is 20 years. Add to that the significant improvement of power generation comparing to regular solar panels. In that period the solar shingles will pay themselves several times.

It will not take long until solar shingles will be very popular and be seen all over. I see only positive reasons to have solar shingles like free energy usage, not pollutant source of energy just to name a few. It is pretty obvious that solar shingles are one of the great latest developments in the solar power market.

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